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With so many choices available for home decorating, it may be difficult to decide just what your favorite style is. This page is all about some Ethinc Interior Desing Styles and what deifnes them. We cover basics of Americana Style, Asian Style, Mexican Style, Indian Style, African Style, Scandinavian Style, Moroccan Style, Indian Style, Egyptian Style, so take it one step at a time and enjoy learninig more about these beuatiful styles to see if some might be for you.

Americana Interior Design Style

Americana decorating describes a style that is both appealing and casual Patriotic Theme. It is full of easy to care for materials that make it perfect for families with children. This style can be patriotic, primitive, or country farmhouse, but most often is a combination of the three. Americana decorating includes many different motifs, including geography, folk art, and history, which can be adapted in a number of ways. You can see American flags on just about anything these days especially around the 4th of July, but it does not necessarily define Americana Interior Desing Style in general. Items with an American flag theme, or color combination of red, white and blue are most popular. Learning about the categories and types of items is a good start to give your home decor a new looks with a patriotic twist.

Here are some Interior Design styles and elements that can can be combined together to achieve this look.

Antique Americana Décor There have been many wonderful and unique antique pieces preserved to this day throughout American History that bring a sense of pride and price we paid over the past two centuries to preseve freedom. You can choose to boldly mount historic pieces of American military history if you or your ancestors served in the military. If not even something as simple as an antique ladder or box can lend a great deal of atmosphere to a room. This style is especially popular with owners of historic homes who want to create an authentic period feel with their interiors.

Country Primitives Also known as Country Americana, this style tends to have a rustic feel, and often features stars and stripes in a red, white, and blue. This style differs from antique primitives in that these items are made to look old, but may not actually be old. Featuring farm animals and flag themes, folk art decorations etc. Rooms decorated with country primitives in this style bring an atmosphere of good, old American values of a country life from decades ago.

Americana-Themed Décor There are also many examples of modern home and garden décor that don’t fit into the antique or country primitive category, but can still be described as Americana. When an item involves American flag images, or uses the familiar red, white, and blue color scheme, it can be correctly defined as Americana décor as well.

Americana Home Accents You can decorate your home or room in Americana Interior Desing Style in a number of ways. With large and small accessoire, this kind of décor can be integrated into many existing design schemes. Here are some items that we like can bring the Americana Spirit to your home

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Asian Style

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Mexican Style


African Style


Scandinavian Style


Moroccan Style


Indian Style


Egyptian Style


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