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5 Ways to Update Your Living Room on the Cheap


traditional living room 5 Ways to Update Your Living Room on the Cheap

All of us have had moments when after looking at a room makeover on HGTV or thumbing through an interior design magazine, we’ve wished that our living room looked differently than it currently does. The thing is, sometimes our “high-end taste” does not complement our extremely tight budget.
That doesn’t mean that you have to go without giving your living room a bit of an update, though. In the effort to help you with your room makeover wish, we wanted to provide you with five simple and really cost-effective ways to have your living room space look just as fabulous as any celebrity’s home (relatively speaking).

Do some painting. You can instantly transform your living room by simply repainting it. The fun thing about this option is that if you go to your local home improvement store, you will see that there are literally dozens of color options to choose from. (Just make sure that if you’re renting the space that you ask your landlord about it first.)

Try some new window treatments. Another fairly inexpensive thing that you can do is switch up your window treatments. If you want to go with curtains or drapes, you can find some at a really good price at stores like Target or Kmart, or you can even stop by a local fabric store and make some of your own. If you would prefer blinds or shades, while they do tend to cost a bit more, you can usually find some pretty affordable ones at Pottery Barn, Sears or Overstock.

Switch up your artwork. If you don’t have any artwork hanging from your living room walls, that can make your room appear to be really bland and boring. On the other hand, if you can’t remember the last time you purchased a new painting or print, that’s a sign that it’s time to pick out something new. The great thing about this particular suggestion is that if you can use anything from a favorite poster to a blown-up picture of you and your partner or some of your family members and friends. The main thing is to have whatever you pick professionally matted and framed. That way, it will look as avant garde as it possibly can.

Play around with some light fixtures. A lot of experts on home renovations will tell you that you can make a really big impact, simply by changing the light fixtures that you have in your living room. Whether it’s a new lamp, a chandelier or even if you want to simply put some dimmers on your light switches, it’s a quick way to make a dramatic effect in your living room space. Also, if you want to conserve energy during the nighttime hours, consider lighting a few soy candles too. Technically, it’s not a “light fixture” but it does shed light in a really beautifully subtle kind of way.

Get some new “accessories”. When updating your living room, one or two “house accessories” can really go a long way. Buy a few throw pillows. Pick up another rug. Put an ottoman on the corner. Hang a few plants or buy a wicker basket for your books or blankets. When it comes to accessorizing your living room, remember that you can purchase a piece at a time; ones that will perfectly display your personality while bringing out the most in your home at the exact same time.

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