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Interior Design Style: We are a network of extremely talented artisans that specialize in Home Decor. We present our collective portfolio through our team website (online directory), help IDS members with online marketing and promote their listings on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube.

This website is the perfect companion to any quality online store. We do not sell anything on this website (and therefore charge no sales fees). Instead we link to your online store(s) and make it possible for potential buyers to rapidly find quality home decor items by style, material, color, or room.  This can save quite a bit of of time and frustration for our our target audience and help the potential buyer find listings related to a certain look and style.


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SELECTIVE MEMBERSHIP: We’re selective about who we represent on our website so our clients and visitors don’t have to waste their time wading through clutter and products of questionable taste or quality. As IDS member, you will be a part of a group of artist that make exceptional quality Home Decor items.

Our Annual Membership Starts at just over $1 a month. See more about Pricing Packages





Kristina LawFounder

Klaire MartinNew Members, Etsy Forum

Ruth Sperling - Etsy Treasuries

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Karen Dignazio – Writing about Interior Design Styles