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Home Improvement Prep for the Holidays


christmas 300x224 Home Improvement Prep for the HolidaysWhen it comes to the holiday season, a part its beauty and magic comes in looking at all of the time and effort that people put into prepping their homes: the lights on the houses and shrubs, the wreaths on the doors and even the way that the individuals that you visit decorate the various interior rooms as well.

If you want to get into all of the holiday cheer, there are some really simple (and relatively inexpensive) home improvement things that you can do so that your home can also send forth the message of “Peace on earth and goodwill towards men”:

Spring clean (yes, during winter). Although we traditionally tend to reserve thorough cleaning for the spring season, if you plan on doing a lot of hosting over the holidays, it’s definitely a good idea to do some “spring wintertime cleaning”. Give all of the rooms in the house a “ceiling to floor” purging with homemade cleaning recipes that you can find online (you can even add a bit of cinnamon oil into them for a holiday scent). Pack up items that are more appropriate for spring and summer and put them in the garage. Bring the blankets down from the attic and make sure that your rugs and carpets have been professionally cleaned as well.

Check your windows and doors. This is the time of year when utility bills tend to escalate. That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure that your windows and doors do not have any tiny holes in them that could be bringing a draft into your place. If you do find minor ones, you can easily plug them up with some caulking that you can find at a local home improvement store. Another home décor recommendation is to purchase some thermal curtains that will help to keep the cold out.

Do some furniture makeovers. Have you been thinking about putting a new chair or loveseat on your Christmas wish list? Well, you could purchase something new or you could continue to read here instead for some cool ideas that will cost a lot less money. Craft Gawker, BHG, DIY Improvement, The 36th Avenue, Perfectly Imperfect and Tip Junkie are all websites that will provide you with step-by-step instructions that will take your old furniture from drab to fab.

Theft-proof. Children aren’t the only ones who are excited about Christmastime. Unfortunately, a lot of thieves are as well. So, if you’ve been putting off fixing your jammed lock, getting a new set of keys or installing a silent alarm or some motion-censored lights, this would definitely be the time to do just that.

Landscaping. Don’t be the only house on the block that doesn’t have some twinkling lights, greenery on your mailbox or a big beautiful wreath on your door. Remember, the first thing that people see when coming to your house is not the inside, but the outside. Therefore, you definitely want to decorate it in a way that says that you’re just excited about the holiday season as they are. Happy Holidays.

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