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Spilling Sun Interview   Sharon Marston   A Visual Artist

Spilling Sun by Sharon Marston


Sharon Martson is a Member of Design Style Guide – with a Portfolio of beautiful Paintings!

Here Sharon tells us about herself and her Art!

I sell my art on Etsy , and through my personal website, where you can buy my original paintings and also fine art prints, including prints on canvas and paper.


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I will occasionally participate in gallery shows or display my art in local businesses where I can meet collectors and sell paintings.

breakingday2small Interview   Sharon Marston   A Visual Artist

Breaking Day by Sharon Marston

My inspiration comes from the nature and drama of sunlight. When I observe places or things at a certain time of day, when the light pours onto, through or around the surfaces, my hands ache for paint. Early mornings and late afternoons keep me mesmerized. If I’m on a walk, or driving somewhere, and I see the sun streaming through a grove of trees, I will stop and babble in excitement to whoever is with me about what an amazing painting that would be. When I see how the warm light plays off of the textures and gives the colors of the leaves a translucent burst of brightness, I can’t help but to be in amazement at the glory of it. I get inspired to create the same effect on the canvas, to make light with paint… now to me, that’s just cool.

jonahmacs Interview   Sharon Marston   A Visual Artist

Jonah Macs by Sharon Marston

To get the desired effects down onto my canvas, I use acrylic paints. I used to paint with oils, but I would get impatient with how long the paint would take to dry. Acrylics allow me to paint fast. They have the advantage of being water based so I can easily thin out the paints to make them transparent and use them more like watercolor. I can make a deep layered sky with many thin washes and add land and trees by using a thicker, more textured technique. The versatility of acrylic lets me create the way I need to. I use a wide range of brushes, some large house painting type brushes, some brushes you would find in a children’s set. I have even done some paintings with just my fingers. Whatever it takes to get the paint where I need it to go works just fine for me.

Sharon Marston 1642 Interview   Sharon Marston   A Visual Artist

1642 by Sharon Marston

I have been drawing and painting all of my life. I remember spending hours out on the dirt driveway drawing on the ground with a stick. Yes, my mom gave me paper and crayons, but out in the dirt was where I wanted to be! As I got older I started oil painting on canvases. Each Christmas I would get a fresh supply. I took many art courses in High School including ceramics. I graduated from Maine College of Art in 1995 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. I took many drawing, design, and color courses, but not one single course specifically on painting. It’s funny that painting ended up being my biggest passion. But, when it all boils down, painting is just like any other art form, you just use different ways to get your stuff on the paper.

If you have a desire to make art, whether it is painting or anything else, make what you see, not what you think you see. In other words, a tree is not just a bumpy circle with a stick coming out from under it. A tree is a complex series of shapes and shades and layers. No two are exactly alike. There is no right or wrong way to make art. Picasso’s tree and Monet’s tree were both very different, but they were both still trees.

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