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Tips for Placing Different Kinds of Art throughout Your Home


art Tips for Placing Different Kinds of Art throughout Your Home

Even if you put on a great business suit or dress, is it not true that it’s the accessories that provide you with the extra “umph” that’s needed to really make a statement? Along these same lines, that’s the beauty and brilliance of art in a home. It’s what gives the various rooms in our houses the finishing touches—ones that showcase our personal preferences and styles in very subtle yet distinctive ways.

When it comes to figuring out where to place the different kinds of art throughout your house, there are some home décor tips that can make your house look like it came right out of an interior design magazine. Are you curious to know what some of those suggestions are? Check these out below:

Keep things centered. One of the mistakes that people tend to make when hanging art is that they post it up much higher than it needs to be. The standard rule is that the center image of your art should be eye level with you once you are sitting down. For this reason, it’s a good idea to have someone sitting on a couch or chair while you are hanging art pieces up so that they can help you to position it in just the right place.

Mix it up. Who said that all that can go on a wall is a framed piece of art work? If you want to get creative in a room where there is not going to be a lot of traffic that consists of children or pets, don’t hesitate to mix in some pictures, along with vases and decorative plates. Just make sure that your “centerpiece art” is the main focal point and that all of the items are securely put in place.

Go for scenery in your bedroom. Whether it’s a painting, sketch or photograph, when it comes to the art that you hang up in your bedroom, it’s best to stick to pictures of landscapes, gardens or beaches; in other words, scenery that will encourage a very relaxed state of mind.

Keep some things private. If you have something like an Erik Benson painting, that is suitable in just about any room of the house. However, when it comes to blown-up family photos, nude pictures from your pregnancy or even really obvious religious art, traditionally, it’s best to put those up in hallways or spaces that are closer to bedrooms than living rooms and kitchens. However, family portraits in places where you entertain are more than appropriate.

Make sure it makes sense. One mistake that a lot of people make is that while they may have some great pieces, that doesn’t mean that they should all be displayed in the same space. Authentic African figurines and antique china should go in two totally different rooms. Wooden art and glass or crystal typically should as well. Remember that art is meant to complement the look of each space, not overpower it or distract people from enjoying all that each room has to offer. So, as you’re positioning your art, make sure that it brings out the best in each room rather than competes with the overall décor of it. If you do that, your house will definitely be on its way to looking like its own work of art in no time.

pixel Tips for Placing Different Kinds of Art throughout Your Home